The staff at Totally Tiffany Nails is committed to ensuring that all parts of your foot and toenail health are taken care of.  Some salons only focus on making your feet look good.  At Totally Tiffany Nails we do that and more!


Totally Tiffany Nails offers pedicures for men and women.  Besides reshaping, painting, and styling your nails, we make stubborn foot skin soft and smooth.  You shouldn't settle for style over substance when you can have both.

Sun Kissed Summer
Spa Pedicure

Our Sun Kissed Summer Spa Pedicure is the perfect way to relax! We'll start your Sun Kissed Summer Spa Pedicure with a yummy citrus foot soak, followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub with orange slices. Then we will treat your feet to a wonderful callus treatment. We will finish your Sun Kissed Summer Spa Pedicure with a refreshing citrus mask and a relaxing hot stone foot massage before polishing your nails in your choice of color. You can even do a gel add-on if you'd like. 

Price: $55          Time: 60 minutes

*additional cost for gel polish

Totally Tiffany Signature Pedicure

It's time to put a spring in your step with the Totally Tiffany Signature Pedicure.  Your feet will thank you for this one!  We'll detoxify your feet and toes with our premium ingredients that contain no artificial dyes or fragrance.  The Totally Tiffany Signature Pedicure will eliminate dry, dull skin, leaving your feet hydrated, feeling clean, and invigorated.

The Totally Tiffany Signature Pedicure includes a warm soak, nail shaping, and cuticle detailing.  Our bamboo exfoliating scrub removes dull, dead skin and stimulates skin renewal.  A bamboo mask and relaxing massage round out the pedicure treatments before your nails are polished in your choice of color.

Price: $40          Time: 50 minutes

Classic Pedicure

If you're ready to relax and have us pamper you, book an appointment for a Classic Pedicure, and let the pampering begin!  Just like the name says, this pedicure is a genuine classic!


The Classic Pedicure starts with a warm, relaxing soak.  Your nails are then trimmed and filed. Gentle cuticle work is followed by a light massage. Then your nails are buffed or polished in your choice of color.

Price: $30          Time: 45 minutes

Champagne & Rose Pedicure

The Champagne & Rose Pedicure is all about enjoying the best in life! This sensational pedicure begins with a warm mineral soak to soften the skin and relax your feet. Then a butter scrub is used to gently remove dull skin cells and stimulate skin renewal.  Our moisturizing mask  leaves you with younger, smoother skin.  A warm massage with hot stone relaxes your feet even more, and a paraffin dip is applied to trap in  moisture. 


All of this pampering  gets your toes ready to be shaped, buffed, and polished in your choice of color.  Sparkling cider is included to make your spa experience the best it can be.

Price: $55          Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

*additional cost for gel polish

Walking on Air CBD Pedicure

CBD, what's that? CBD​ (cannabidiol) is a hemp-based topical cream that is THC-free.  Used in lotions and creams to relieve short-term and chronic pain, CBD will not get you high. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your feet, calves, or knees, or if you have inflammation problems, it's time for a CBD pedicure!

As featured in Elevate Magazine, Totally Tiffany Nails offers two types of CBD pedicures. The Extra Strength CBD Pedicure features products that help with inflammation, as well as knee, leg, and foot pain. The Circulation CBD Pedicure is great for energy, warming up muscles, and providing relief to stiff, tired joints. 


A CBD pedicure offers it all: nail shaping, cuticle detailing, CBD scrub, hot stone massage, and natural nail buffing or the polish of your choice.  After your CBD Pedicure, you will leave the salon walking on air and your feet will look beautiful, too!  

Price: $60          Time: 60 minutes

*additional cost for gel polish

Gentleman's Spa Pedicure

Our men's spa pedicure begins with a mineral foot bath for softening the skin and reducing any inflammation, and is followed by an exfoliating mineral sea-salt scrub. Cuticles will then be pushed back and nails will be trimmed, shaped, and filed. To restore hydration, a mask will be applied then removed with hot towels. Our men's pedicure also includes a callus treatment. To complete this service, a massage with our CBD Infused Sativa Steve Lotion will surely have your legs and feet feeling renewed & moisturized.

Price: $35          Time: 50 minutes

Gel Pedicure

A Gel Pedicure is similar to a Classic Pedicure but uses a different type of polish. A Gel Pedicure starts with a warm, relaxing soak.  After that, cuticles are pushed back and nails are shaped and filed.  Then your nails are gently buffed to help the gel polish (in your choice of color) adhere to the nail.  Each coat of gel polish is cured for 30 seconds using an LED or UV lamp. 

Price: $45          Time: 60 minutes


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