Totally Tiffany Nails offers a variety of manicures that use a wide range of techniques.  No matter which manicure you choose, our licensed nail experts will clean and shape your nails and treat your cuticles to keep your nails healthy and strong.  We will exfoliate your hands to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, and stimulate blood flow. A light hand massage will leave you happy and relaxed.

Classic Manicure

You can't go wrong with a Totally Tiffany Classic Manicure.  Let us shape your nails and detail your cuticles.  We will follow that with a light hand massage, and then we'll finish with your choice of color from our extensive collection of traditional polishes.  If you prefer not to polish your nails, we will buff them to show off their natural shine. 

Classic Manicure  $17
Polish Change (hands)  $10
Paraffin Treatment (hands)  $10

Totally Tiffany Signature Manicure

Totally Tiffany's Signature Manicure starts with relaxing your hands in a detoxifying warm soak. Then, we will gently file your nails and groom your cuticles. Next, we'll exfoliate your hands with our bamboo scrub, then rejuvenate your hands with a soothing massage. Your manicure will finish with a beautiful polish in your choice of color.

Totally Tiffany Signature Manicure  $25
Polish Change (hands)  $10
Paraffin Treatment (hands)  $8

Gel Manicure

Wouldn't it be great if a manicure could last up to 14 days?  It can, if it's a gel manicure! Just like a regular manicure, cuticles are pushed back and nails are shaped and filed.  Then the nails are gently buffed to help the gel polish adhere to the nail.  Each coat of gel polish is cured for 30 seconds using an LED or UV lamp. 

Gel Manicure  $40
Gel Polish Change (hands)  $30
UV Gel Full Set (Hard Gel)  $50 
UV Gel Fill (Hard Gel) $40


Nail acrylic is made by mixing liquid and powder acrylic together.  When combined, the acrylic makes a soft ball that is formed into shape.  After it hardens, nail acrylic is buffed, filed, and painted.  Acrylic usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

Acrylic Full Set  $35

Acrylic Fill  $25

Acrylic Full Set With Gel  $50

Acrylic Fill With Gel $40

Acrylic Coffin Full Set  $40+

Acrylic Stiletto Full Set  $40+

Acrylic White Tip  $35

Acrylic White Tip Fill  $25

Acrylic Pink & White Full Set  $55

Acrylic Pink & White Fill  $28

Acrylic Pink & White Back Fill  $50

Acrylic Reshape  $5+

Acrylic Removal with Service  $5

Acrylic Removal Only (drill)  $10

Acrylic Removal Only (soak)  $15

Dip Nails

For dip powder nails, a base coat is applied so the powder adheres to the nail. After the dipping process has been repeated several times, a sealant is painted on and the powdery layers transform into a glossy, smooth finish. Dip powder nails usually last 2-3 weeks.

Kiara Sky Full Set with Tips  $45
Kiara Sky Natural Nail Full Set  $45
Kiara Sky Natural Nail Fill  $40
Kiara Sky Removal $10

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